DigiGroup Sustainable Case Study - Solar Photovoltaic Panel Installation

The Client: Network Stadium Housing Association
Site Address: 12 Gildea Close, Pinner Rd, Harrow HA5 4SD
Date & duration: April 2011 – 2 day installation. Value: £6,700

The Customer Brief Network Stadium Housing Association approached DigiGroup’s Sustainable Energy Manager, Simon Ellis, indicating an interest in setting up one of their existing properties as a sustainable energy flagship project.

Having already installed a 5kw Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump in the property, and the property having a directly south facing roof,  the next logical step was a move to supplement the existing electricity supply and take advantage of Feed-In-Tariffs by installing a six panel Solar PV system on the roof.

The Solution There are numerous efficient Solar PV systems on the marketplace therefore DigiGroup spent a number of weeks researching which type of equipment and install would be best suited, and provide the most beneficial returns, to this property. We proposed a 1.1Kwp Mitsubishi PV-TD185MF5 polycrystalline solar PV module array, supported by two Soladin 600 inverters. Scaffolding was erected to the rear of the property and the install took place over two days.

The Results After the initial installation was completed, DigiGroup provided a complete and comprehensive handover pack, and training programme to the resident. This detailed how to maximise the efficiencies of the Solar PV system (e.g. running a tumble dryer during daylight hours) and a comprehensive explanation of how the system feeds electricity back into the National Grid generating a credit back to the resident which is offset against their monthly bills. Visibility of this is monitored on the separate meter linked through the Solar PV system which is installed in line with the existing meter.


Over the next several weeks  DigiGroup made weekly site visits to measure the efficiency and generation of the Solar PV system. Initial results indicate that the system is generating the expected amount of electricity which will produce electricity savings and FIT income generation of over £500 in the first year. It is anticipated that the system should pay for itself in 12 years at which point the Feed-In-Tariffs will be pure profit. The PV modules are guaranteed up to 25 years. For any further information or updates to this project or to dicuss how DigiGroup can provide assistance in your project please contact Simon Ellis on 07837 861960 or email [email protected]